Our Chairman

Edwin Cleophas is a family man with a passion for the youth and the transformation of South Africa. He has been involved in youth development for most of his life and founded Project No Limits an after school program in his local community of Kleinvlei, Eertserivier. He holds a B.Th. degree in Theology, a Honours degree in Psychology, a Bpsych Equivalent degree and is a registered Psychometrist with the Health Professionals Counsel of South Africa. He also has a Master’s degree in Development Studies - Social Development and is currently enrolled at Stellenbosch University for a PhD in Educational Psychology focussing on the lack of intervention strategies for young adults entering the university space.



Cultural Diversity Specialist

Themba Lonzi live in Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a musician, actor, community organiser, activist, and a development practitioner. Themba was a teenager during the years of South African Apartheid, and was present at many protests and marches. He remembers his youth as an angry time where he was forced to grow up very fast and without many options that were not violent. His path towards development was paved through his work in the arts, where he found means to channel his anger at first, and later his compassion



FOURIE le roux


Aneleh Fourie Le Roux is a social justice activist for human rights, human dignity, and an expert in the area of HIV/Aids training, facilitation and curriculum development. She continues the sustained struggle for equal and just opportunities for all people regardless of their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, health status and religious beliefs.

She holds a BA Honours degree in Development Studies from the University of Western Cape and a MPhil in Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch.

She is passionate about people, dignity, justice, inclusivity and feels called to help white South Africans to move beyond a place of entitlement, white privilege, and prejudice towards a deeper understanding of injustice and a commitment to restitution and real reconciliation.



Secretary to NPC

Elize Morkel is a psychologist in private practice. With the transition of power in South Africa she experienced that a lot of the “certainties” that previously informed her life were shaken up. Elize became increasingly aware of the injustices of apartheid and the tremendous trauma that people are suffering as a result. She experienced a strong drive to help restore some of the injustices and inequality to which she, as white Afrikaner and member of the Dutch Reformed Church, contributed and from which she benefitted by enjoying the privileges that she took for granted all her life. 

Her DTh dissertation in practical theology, entitled Pastoral participation in transformation, reflects on practices that contribute to the transformation of racial, class and gender injustices.

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